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Below you can find the full range of Fogging products on offer as well as their best suited use.


Fogging Products

Fogging is the process of spraying a fine mist of insecticide into the air to kill flying and resting mosquitoes. This method is often used in hard to get to areas and is an important factor in an integrated approach.

Regent Laboratories use BUGSTOP 25S ULV Fogging Concentrate which is diluted with water and used with BUGSTOP thermal foggers and other BUGSTOP spraying equipment. The spectrum of droplet size varies from 10 microns up to 150microns with highly concentrated coverage. It comes in 20l drums.

In addition Regent Laboratories may use BUGSTOP™ Chlorpyrifos 48 EC is an Emulsifiable Concentrate used to control larval and adult mosquitoes in a Vector Control Programme. To be applied only under the direct supervision of applicators responsible for Pest / Malaria Control Programs. This is available as an easy-to-use emulsifiable concentrate formulation 480 g/L (48EC).


In some cases we will use BUGSTOP Malathion 50% EC which, as described above, is also used for IRS.

Find the full information on each product by simply clicking on the product name

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