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Thermal Fog Generators


What are Thermal Fog Generators?

Efficient vector and mosquito control using Thermal Fog Generators / ULV Aerosol Generators

Thermal fog generators are a secure and effective way of problem solving in case of pest infestation. Through fogging of an adequate solution you get quick results against flying and crawling insects.

The choice of control method depends on the size of the room, the usage and the type of infestation. One can choose between the active and the passive control method.

The fastest and best result can be achieved with the active method, where the active solution is spread by fogging. Independently from the individual specifications, you can choose between thermal and ULV cold fogging. Both types of application can be used in- and outdoors (if permitted).

The solution is broken up into minute droplets (< 30 Micrometers VMD ). This ensures an even distribution of the solution in the room reaching even smallest cracks and corners. Depending on the surrounding environment, the treatment can be done stationary or mobile.

Thermal fog generators can be used indoors as well as outdoors to produce a dense insecticidal fog, which causes with the correct insecticide an instant effect (knock-down-effect) and kills both flying and crawling insects. Only 5-8 l/ha solution are needed. In appropriate weather conditions, the fog passes through an affected area outdoors in a very short time.

Mobile ULV Aerosol Generators have an additional advantage: an optimised preparation of the droplets creates a more homogenous droplet spectrum (VMD < 20 µ). The solution is applied at a higher concentration (approx. 0,5 - 1 l/ha) - a larger area is treated in a shorter time.

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