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Below you can find the full range of Personal Protection products on offer as well as their best suited use.

Personal Protection

Personal Protection Products

The survey will identify what type of, and how many long-lasting insecticide-impregnated nets have been distributed and if they are being used properly. Unfortunately, Regent Laboratories’ consultants often find that the wrong type of nets are being used and that they are ineffective, and often find that they are not being used as bed nets but used over windows, affording little protection to sleepers at night. With the distribution of bed nets, it is so important to provide education as how they can be used most effectively and explain why. The same can be said when explaining the use of personal protection lotions and how they should be applied properly to afford the best barrier to mosquitoes.

Regent Laboratories supply clinically approved BUGSTOP Insecticide Treated Bed Nets.

Our goal is to directly impregnate nets with long-lasting insecticides during the manufacturing process to produce cheaper and more uniformly treated (as compared to hand-dipped) nets. Further important specifications are included in the product details in the Annex. They are supplied in cartons containing 20 bed nets.

In addition, our personal protection range includes BUGSTOP Insect Repellent Lotion which has been proved time and time again to be more effective than many sprays that are on the market and indeed provide very poor protection from biting mosquitoes. Its ingredient DIETHYLTOLUAMIDE, more commonly known as Deet, is approved by the United Nations and World Health Organisation and is manufactured under strict Medicine Control Council regulations. Another option available is BUGSTOP™ Bug Stopper Eco is an Organic Broadspectrum Household Aerosol with contact killing and knockdown action to control flying and crawling insects, i.e. cockroaches, fleas, ants, flies and mosquitoes.

This is an essential product for the likes of night security officers and others operating outside from dawn to dusk who are particularly vulnerable to being bitten.

Find the full information on each product by simply clicking on the product name

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