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At Regent Laboratories we pride ourselves in ensuring that we develop and manufacture products that are continually updated to meet any changes in resistance by mosquitoes, and that we have a broad range of products to match the environments that you have on your sites.


No sites are the same and it is essential that the right products are identified, and that they are applied exactly according to the laboratories’ prescribed strength and spray intensities.


The best approach is an integrated approach.  Larviciding can greatly reduce the number of breeding mosquitoes, and when used in conjunction with the right IRS and fogging products, along with the distribution of the latest designed bed nets, can rapidly reduce the transfer of malaria parasites to people at your site.


Our site allows you to create an order for products and, in line with best practices, a Regent Laboratories expert will call you to discuss your order, agree on any possible bulk pricing opportunities, and arrange payment and shipping terms.  The expert will also be able to discuss any support you might need for your malaria vector control programme.



Regent Laboritories Fully Integrated Approach

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