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Alcon Universal Sprayer

Regent Laboratories Alcon Universal Sprayer

What is an Alcon Universal Sprayer?

The Alcon Universal Sprayer Pump has developed a reputation as a reliable, high performance and trouble-free sprayer, assuring cost effectiveness in any programme. The Alcon Universal Sprayer Pump is recommended for indoor residual spraying as well as for larviciding and can be used on all types of surfaces, in rural, urban and industrial areas.



  • High quality durable and versatile 15-litre sprayer pump with replaceable parts.

  • Used in public health disease prevention and agriculture pest prevention and control i.e. Malaria Control

  • Stainless steel tank withstands chemical and pesticide formulations used.

  • Application of residual insecticides to walls, ceilings and outdoor surfaces for control of disease carrying fly’s and mosquitos.

  • The Alcon Universal Sprayer pump has one pressure gauge on the top of the tank. This indicates the internal tank pressure and confirms the proper performance of the sprayer.

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