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About Us

Based on the ground in Zimbabwe, the team from Hasak Industries is ready to supply all your pest control needs with the Bugstop™ Range of Products, manufactured under strict World Health Organisation (WHO) health, safety and environmental standards. The Hasak Industries works closely with your team as well as local health authorities to ensure the best Integrated Vector Control Programme possible. With the expertise, experience and knowledge there are no better experts to supply and implement the right solution.

We are proud suppliers and users of BugStop™ and Regent Laboratories products.

Hasak is a subsidiary of Regent Laboratories Ltd, a company well known for the manufacturing of products that are continually tested to ensure that they are effective even though certain mosquitoes have developed resistance to certain out-of-date products.

Hasak Industries Zimbabwe

The World Health Organisation

The WHO have said that Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) and Bed Nets are the cornerstone of effective Malaria prevention and eradication.  They claim that this can reduce malaria transmissions by 55%, but, when used as part of an Integrated Vector Control Programme along with larviciding and the use of personal protection lotions, transmissions can be reduced to almost 90%.

Two factors have led to a significant rise in the number of mosquitoes and malaria transmissions in the last 12 months.


  • Covid-19 support absorbed a large element of resources originally designated to Malaria control. 

  • Climate change has caused mosquitoes to migrate to new and colder areas and cities and their suburbs in the Highlands such as Mutare, which have seen a significant increase in malaria cases and deaths.

Our Approach

Hasak Industries use a range of Bugstop™ IRS products and the choices are dependent on what the outcomes of any survey may recommend. But if you are unsure, Hasak Industries experts can give you advice on the right product to use.

BUGSTOP™ Lambda Cyhalothrin (2022) 10% WP is a synthetic pyrethroid consisting of 100 grams of Lambda-Cyhalothrin and 900 grams of inert ingredients in every kilogram of this product. The 62.5g sachet is torn and dropped into 10 litres of water and mixed well.  It will cover approximately 200m² per sachet. 

BUGSTOP™ PRO Bendiocarb 80 WP comes in a sealed sachet containing a water-soluble bag inner that is dropped into a compression sprayer filled to the correct level with water and mixed before spraying commences.

BUGSTOP™ PRO Clothianidin + Deltamethrin WP also comes in a sealed sachet containing a water-soluble bag inner with product that is dropped into a compression sprayer filled to the correct level with water and mix, before spraying commence. It combines two active ingredients with different modes of action; Provides long-lasting residual effect; It is a fast knockdown insecticide for mosquitoes.

BUGSTOP™ Malathion 50% EC is an emulsified concentrate insecticide with a broad spectrum effect.  It can be used as a professional pest control product.  It kills the vectors on landing and gives them a stomach poison which also affects the respiratory tract.  It has a very rapid knock-down effect.  It comes in 20l drums.

For inaccessible places fogging should be carried out. Hasak industries recommend the use of  BUGSTOP™ 25S ULV Fogging Concentrate which is diluted with water and used with Bugstop™ thermal foggers and other Bugstop™ spraying equipment. The spectrum of droplet size varies from 10 microns up to 150microns with highly concentrated coverage. It comes in 20l drums.

In some cases, it might be better to use BUGSTOP™ Malathion 50% EC which, as described above, is also used for IRS.

We Have Stock

We are aware from many of the customers who have come to us that stocks of pesticides from government and NGO sources is extremely low, and many are struggling to purchase the right products.


Hasak Industries have ensured that they have secured sufficient stock to meet the surge in demand.


Please contact Note on:

Office +2638677101010 ext 1309

Mobile +263772731695; 

WhatsApp Only +263712230025; 

or email her on to make an enquiry or place an order.

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