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BugStop™ Insect Repellent


What is BugStop™ Insect Repellent?

BugStop™ insect repellent contains Diethyltoluamide, which is approved by the United Nations World Health Organization. The active ingredient, diethyltoluamide, is commonly known as DEET. The product provides a long lasting protective film over the area of skin to which it is applied. BugStop™ insect repellent  is manufactured under strict Medicine Control Council regulations.


BugStop™– DEET has been in use in many malaria infested areas for decades and is still recognised as one of the most efficient methods of preventing the mosquito bites that cause malaria. It is the only product that effectively and truly provides mobile protection, e.g. When on security patrol (day or night) or attending outdoor functions such as weddings or funerals and where other forms of protection are not available.

BugStop™ Insect Repellent
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