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BugStop™ Lambda Cyhalothrin 10% CS

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What is BugStop™ Lambda Cyhalothrin?

BugStop™ Lambda Cyhalothrin 10% CS is a technically advanced capsule suspension (CS) formulation based on the second-generation pyrethroid, lambda-cyhalothrin. Lambda-cyhalothrin is active against a very broad-spectrum insecticide’s including the control of mosquitoes both malaria transmitters and nuisance types. The product is a synthetic pyrethroid consisting of 100 grams of Lambda Cyhalothrin and 900 grams of inert ingredients in every kilogram of this product.


Broad spectrum mosquito control. Controls other public health and nuisance pests that infest houses including cockroaches, flies, fleas, ticks, spiders, and ants. 


Tear the sachet and pour the liquid into 10 litres of water in sprayer.
Close sprayer and shake to mix thoroughly, and pressurise.
The formulation application rate at 25 to 30mg per square meter will cover approximately 200m² per sachet.

•    Harmful if swallowed, seek urgent medical attention
•    Avoid contact with skin and eyes
•    Wear full personal protection equipment (PPE)
•    Do not eat or drink while applying
•    Keep out of reach of children

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