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BugStop™ Deltamethrin 25% WDG

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What is BugStop™ Deltamethrin 25% WDG?

BugStop™ Deltamethrin 25% WDG is a water dispersible granule containing a residual contact pyrethroid for the control of Malaria Vector Mosquitoes.


BugStop™ Deltamethrin 25% WDG to provide an insecticidal surface spray for: 
•    Mosquito control.
•     Crawling Insects: bed-bugs and cockroaches 
•     Flies and house flies. 
For use in a variety of situations including, Malaria Vector Control, public hygiene, food storage, manufacture and food preparation. The granules disperse within one minute of application to water. 


Tear open the sachet and pour the entire content into 10 litres of water in sprayer.
Close sprayer and shake to mix thoroughly, and pressurise.


•    Harmful if swallowed, seek urgent medical attention
•    Avoid contact with skin and eyes
•    Wear full personal protection equipment (PPE)
•    Do not eat or drink while applying
•    Keep out of reach of children
•    Keep away from foodstuffs, empty foodstuff containers and animals.


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