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T-jet nozzle - 8001

Below you can find the full range of products on offer as well as their best suited use.


What is T-jet nozzle - 8001?

A poor choice in spray nozzles, or use of under-performing nozzles, can lead to re-spraying and reduced performance – two problems no user should face.

Even though spray nozzles are a physically small component in your overall operation, they are vitally important. Improper application of Malaria Vector protection products can be extremely costly if re-spraying is required and performance is reduced. 

However, many users perceive spray nozzles as fairly simple components, when in fact it is quite the opposite. 

•     Air-induction flat-spray tip 
•     Spray angle: 110° 
•     Spray height = 50 cm 
•     Pressure recommended ranges from 1.5 to 4bar 
•     Low Drift at low pressure. 
•     Increased coverage and drift potential at higher pressure


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