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BugStop™ Bacillus Thuringensis Var Israelensis


What is BugStop™ Bacillus Thuringensis
Var Israelensis (Bti)?

BugStop BTI Larvacide

BugStop™ (Bti) WG is a selective and effective microbial insecticide effective against mosquito larvae in a variety of aquatic habitats. BugStop™ (Bti) WG is applied directly to the water where mosquito larvae are present.


How Does BugStop™ (Bti) WG Work? 

During the spore-forming stage of its life cycle, the BTI bacterium produces a protein crystal which is toxic only to mosquito larvae. These microscopic crystals are ingested by mosquito larvae when they are feeding. The crystals then dissolve and are converted into toxic protein molecules that destroy the walls of the mosquito larvae stomach. The larvae usually stop feeding within hours and die within days.


The product has been specially formulated for use solely in standing water, where mosquito larvae are present:

  • Rain gutters

  • Discarded tyres

  • Ornamental ponds

  • semi-permanent and permanent puddles

  • Rain barrels

  • Flood water

  • Roadside ditches

  • Dams

  • Swamps

  • Puddles

  • Ponds etc.


BugStop™ (Bti) WG should only be applied to water that is wholly confined within landowner’s property with no outflow beyond the property limit. Do not apply BugStop™ (Bti) WG to drinking receptacles, finished water reservoir or wading pools. It is better used in dry seasons where reduced water pools are easier to locate and contain larvae.  Use higher rates for sewage lagoons and effluent from discharging manholes.

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