BugStop™ Pirimiphos-methyl 50% EC

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What is BugStop™ Pirimiphos-Methyl 50% EC?

BugStop™ Pirimiphos-methyl 50% EC  is a long lasting organophosphate insecticide for the control of Malaria Vector Mosquitoes.



It is a contact and stomach poison and affects respiratory tract as well. It has a rapid knock- down effect.



Mosquitoes in Indoor Residual Spraying; Mosquito Larvae; Bed bugs; Ants; Bedbugs; Cockroaches; Spiders; Fleas; Flies; Wasps.


COMPOSITION: 50% Pirimiphos-méthyl CHEMICAL GROUP: Organophosphate Dosage Rate: 500g / 10 litre of water

When used in IRS a target dosage rate of 500ml / 10 litre of water.

The WHO hazard classification of Pirimiphos- methyl is: Moderately hazardous, Class II.

NB! This product is toxic to aquatic life