BugStop™ Pirimiphos-methyl 30% CS

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What is BugStop™ Pirimiphos-Methyl 30% CS?

BugStop™ Pirimiphos-methyl 30% CS is a long lasting organophosphate insecticide for the control of Malaria Vector Mosquitoes.


BugStop™ Pirimiphos-methyl 30% CS is specifically designed for use in IRS programs to provide long lasting residual control on a range of surfaces.


Part fill sprayer tank with water.
Measure out BugStop™ Pirimiphos-methyl 30% CS and add to water in sprayer.
Top up the sprayer to the required volume, close sprayer and shake to mix thoroughly, and pressurise.


•    Harmful if swallowed, seek urgent medical attention
•    Avoid contact with skin and eyes
•    Wear full personal protection equipment (PPE)
•    Do not eat or drink while applying
•    Keep out of reach of children

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