BugStop™ Permethrin / Piperonyl Butoxide Fogging Oil

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What is Bugstop™ Permethrin / Piperonyl Butoxide Fogging Oil?

BUGSTOP™ Permethrin / Piperonyl Butoxide Fogging Oil is a misting and fogging oil applied by means of a suitable cold mist generator capable of producing a very fine mist.


Permethrin (synthetic pyrethroid) 3.0 g/l (25/75 cis/trans isomer) d-Allethrin (pyrethroid) 1,5 g/l / Piperonyl butoxide 3,0 g/l



Cockroaches, house flies and moths found in bakeries, kitchens, warehouses and
food processing plants. Also controls ants, bedbugs, mosquitoes, fishmoths, fleas, tobacco
beetle and other stored product pests.


Misting: Flying insects: 1 l / 3000 m3
Fogging: Flying insects: 1 l / 3000 m3
Crawling insects: 2 l / 1000 m3

Residual action: Up to 1 week.

•    Harmful if swallowed, seek urgent medical attention
•    Avoid contact with skin and eyes
•    Wear full personal protection equipment (PPE)
•    Do not eat or drink while applying
•    Keep out of reach of children