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BugStop™ Temephos 50%

Below you can find the full range of products on offer as well as their best suited use.


What is BugStop™ Temephos 50%?

Temephos 50% is a low toxicity organophosphate designed for controlling insect larvae, like mosquitoes and water borne diseases. When used as indicated, it is safe to most water species.



Temephos 50% is used to control the aquatic stage of Malaria vector. The product is applied as per instructions on all probable stagnant points of clean water. The application can be repeated every ten days if adult mosquito infestation is heavy.



Quick action with low toxicity to water species and mammals.

Broad community protection from numerous mosquito bites.

It is an excellent tool against resistance.



Dilute by adding 150mls of concentrate to 10 litres of clean water and pressurise below 30lbs per square inch using Alcon Universal Sprayer.

Spray on all stagnant water surfaces and leave for action.

Only mix as instructed and all the formulation should be used at the time and equipment rinsed after use.

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